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Rear-end Damages To Your Vehicle

Rear-end collisions are the most common automotive accidents. The new technology in cars such as blind-spot detection, and emergency braking is very helpful, but there is always a chance of this happening from human error. If your vehicle was involved in one, you should get the vehicle inspected thoroughly, done by a qualified collision mechanic as we have in our Tampa collision center.

What Kind Of Damages Can Actually Happen?

While damage to the car’s body is evident, the true extent of the mechanical damage is revealed during an inspection. A rear-end impact can also damage the transmission. Damage to different areas depends on the point of impact as well as the amount of force.

The exhaust system is pushed forward, which in turn damages the exhaust manifold, the catalytic converter, and the engine mounts. Inspection is done to check if the transmission, exhaust system, and engine are affected. Several parts will need replacing – the bumper, bumper cover, trunk lid, taillights, and rear fenders. If the impact angle is sharp, then the wheel well frame may need to be replaced as well.

To summarize, some damage is unseen and underneath the bodywork so the only way to ensure the safety of your vehicle is an intense check-up done by our trusted mechanics.

What To Do After A Collision

We make it easy at our Tampa collision center where we do all makes and models. If you have a rear-end accident, take your vehicle to our body shop here, and get an inspection done. Before going to a body shop, you should file an accident report and inform your insurance company. Mechanics at the body shop will do a detailed inspection and prepare a list detailing damages and how much they will cost. After the estimate is done, a claim can be filed. The party liable will have to pay for everything – mechanical and body damage as well as injuries suffered by you.