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Don’t Get Stranded, Learn How To Change Your Car Battery Today

A normal part of owning a car is changing the battery. Along with being able to change the oil, being able to change your car battery yourself is right up there on most important things a vehicle owner should know how to do themselves. It will save you time as well as money over the long run. Who knows? You might be able to help your friend one day by changing their battery.

Here’s what you will need

  • Fully charged battery
  • Battery terminal puller
  • Open or box end wrenches or sockets
  • Battery post and terminal cleaning tool
  • Battery terminal protectors
  • Battery terminal and post grease
  • Rags
  • Safety glasses
  • Battery carrying strap
  • Gloves
  • Memory saver

Let’s get started

1. Look up the battery’s location in your vehicle owner’s manual.

2. Make sure you identify which posts are positive and negative and the cables attached to each. Next to the positive post, there is usually a “+” symbol stamped or printed.

3. Use your wrench and loosen the nut or bolt that secures the negative terminal and cable to the negative battery post.

4. After loosening the nut or bolt, use the terminal puller to remove the cable and terminal from the negative battery post. Follow up by doing the same with the positive terminal and be careful to not let the positive terminal touch any metal part of the car.

5. Remove the clamp and set the parts aside so that you can avoid misplacing them.

6. Carefully lift the old battery out.

7. Position the new battery so that the red positive post matches the positive terminal and cable’s position.

8. Insert the new battery and secure it with the clamp removed earlier.

9. Remove the plastic caps and install the anti-corrosion washers over them.

10. Put on a thin layer of grease to the battery posts before you connect the positive terminal to the positive post.

11. Attach and tighten the negative cable. If the battery moves, tighten the clamp.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully changed your car’s battery. If you rather bring your vehicle to Ed Morse Ed Morse Mitsubishi Tampa Service to get your battery changed we are located just minutes away from Mango, Seffner & Riverview. Schedule an appointment online today or simply stop by at your convenience.